9.18.2013 Ain’t Misbehavin’ — Just Havin’ Fun!

Full of life and “rarin’ to go” (literally!), exuberant Vata resins are ready to order and early purchasers will be receiving theirs in just a matter of days.

A lively companion piece to Ruah, Vata stands 11.5 inches tall, packed with fine detail from his expressive lips to the tip of his flowing tail.

If Ruah is somewhat querulous, and ChaCha pivoting with change, then Vata is pure energy reaching towards his full potential.

I first heard the word “vata” in a yoga class two years ago. My teacher mentioned that among the ideas associated with the word are “movement, wind/breath, life force”.  At the time I thought this would be a lovely word/thought to accompany Ruah, this sculpture’s companion piece whose title is also an ancient word for “breath”.

Since then I’ve learned more about the principles of ayurveda in which “Vata” is one of three primary doshas. Yes, I know, we’re starting to get fairly esoteric here.  The best description of doshas that I’ve found comes from Deepak Chopra at http://www.chopra.com/community/online-library/terms/dosha

“Dosha is a Sanskrit word that translates as ‘mind-body constitution’ or ‘mind-body personality.’ According to ayurveda – the 5,000-year-old ‘science of life’ – there are five master elements or mahabhutas that make up everything within our bodies and everything outside of our bodies: space, air, fire, water, and earth. Space carries all the aspects of pure potentiality – infinite possibilities; air has the qualities of movement and change; fire is hot, direct, and transformational; water is cohesive and protective; and earth is solid, grounded, and stable. Biological systems weave these five master elements into three primary patterns known as doshas. They are most easily thought of as mind-body principles that govern our style of thinking and behaving. Vata dosha, woven from the elements of space and air, regulates movement and change in our minds and bodies. Pitta dosha, comprised of fire and water, governs digestion and metabolism. Kapha dosha, made from earth and water, maintains and protects the integrity and structure of our mind and body. All three doshas are present in every cell, tissue, and organ – for movement, metabolism, and protection are essential components of life. What makes life interesting is that although everyone has all three doshas, each of us mixes them together in a unique way, which determines the distinctive qualities of our mind and body. Typically, each person has one primary dosha.” The ayurvedic practitioner whom I consulted identified Pitta (fire) and Vata (air) as my predominate doshas (Pitta slightly outweighed Vata, Kapha was a distant third). So the concept of “Vata” has become even more relevant to me.

And it seems an even more fitting title for this sculpture, especially considering:

“If Vata dosha predominates, movement and change are characteristic of your nature. You will tend to always be on the go, with an energetic and creative mind. As long as Vata is in balance, you will be lively and enthusiastic, with a lean body.”

Wishing you, as always, all the best,