05.03.11 Introducing a New Draft Horse

 You saw Indigo Beau way back on August 9, 2010, in this post. Since then he has been patiently waiting his turn in the queue for molding and casting — well, he’s a draft horse, of course he’s patient (even if I’m not)!
If you think he looks familiar, you’re right.  This is a mature version of Bram’ll Blue Boy, who was a rather gangly, goofy youngster released as a limited edition in 2008. 
Horses mature from their toes up.  Foals are born with about 80% of their adult leg length, as I understand it. The last bones to reach full growth are the vertebrae.  That’s why those adorable babies charm us with those long, long legs and compact little bodies.
To create Indigo Beau I followed that growth pattern, lengthening and deepening Blue Boy’s torso, adding a fully developed cresty neck and of course a luxuriant full mane and tail.  His face also became more wise and dignified as befits an older gentleman.
You know I love drafters, and I admit to being smitten with Indigo Beau — I can’t wait to see all the beautiful colors and patterns that our community’s talented painters will clothe him in!
The very first Indigo Beau was sold this past Saturday as a fundraiser for Idaho’s Treasure Valley Model Horse Club at their annual Spring Fling show — many thanks to Robin Irwin for winning that silent auction!!
This Thursday, May 5th, you may order your own copy of this new drafter.  More photos and sales information are available now at the Laf’n Bear website.