04.07.10 A Sneak Peek at New Work!

Here he is, all bright and shiny!  “Enviado”, a Paso stallion, number four in this series.  You saw him in progress here and here.

He’ll be available via auction soon!  This auction will be scheduled to end on a weeknight evening — I know weekends are getting busier for people as the weather improves.

In a quick comment yesterday on Laf’n Bear’s facebook page I mentioned that I was trying out a new studio lighting set-up.  These photos are from that test session. Soon, these and several more will be added to our webpage.  My goals for the new lights are fewer and softer shadows, accurate color without corrections and better balance throughout the image. Already in the test shots I have better overall illumination.  I will keep tweeking the set-up until I can get good photos of the “white” areas of my pieces.  I put “white” in quotes, because in my work these areas are *never* straight bright white.

The little chestnut tobiano Netzky claybody custom recently arrived at her new home.  Owner Liz Shaw wrote, “I adore her color and face but you know I also really love the subtle tonal changes in her lower legs, mane and tail, really, really beautiful and a nice surprise – I love EVERYTHING about her!”

It was a surprise to Liz because my former lighting set up blasted so much direct light on the piece that the “whites” were completely washed out.  These photos are better.  I’m still not quite capturing the nuanced pinking in the lower legs and at the back of the heels, nor quite the dustiness of the lower tail, but it’s definitely better.  I will go into more detail about the lighting set-up in the next day or so.  For now, I hope you enjoy these photos of the newly completed “Enviado”.  ~ Lynn