polyurethane resin (shown in grey primer, sold as unpainted white resin)
14.5 L x 5 W x 12 H inches (measurements include base)
©2017 Lynn A. Fraley

My sculpture’s name, “Artesia” is a play on the concept of an artesian well:
a well bored into water-bearing strata lying at an angle, so that natural pressure produces a constant supply of water with little or no pumping: the water from artesian wells makes agriculture possible.”

My thinking is that those lovely steppe breeds are an ancient font, a source well, for many families of performance horses and of course for elegant, powerful movement.


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Regal Artesia ~

Boldly galloping to that new adventure just around the turn.  Artesia’s steppe heritage hearkens back to ancient warriors in distant lands.

The initial order period ended January 31, 2018

Castings will be shipped in the sequence in which orders were received. Once the initial orders have been filled more Artesia  resins may be available from time to time.

Artesia is a large “traditional” scale mare, hollow cast in white polyurethane resin with wire reinforcements in her extremities. Her support leg is cast with a metal rod for extra strength.  The castings are shipped unpainted.

This sculpture has been carefully designed for a single point of support. Sculptural changes to the mane, tail and base are allowed, but may be detrimental to the sculpture’s balance and ultimate longevity — i.e. any extra weight added to the mane and/or tail may not be a great idea.