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03.11.10 Dappled Buckskin "Enviado" at Auction Barn

Bright and shiny, ready to show, this handsome fellow has been listed at Auction Barn; the auction will end Sunday night, March 14.

He has really luminous soulful eyes,

dapples like little clouds swept by a softly fringed veil of mane,

hooves with layers of texture and color all their own,

and long, flowing tendrils of subtle color and tone in his tail.

Head to toe, I experimented with new techniques, played with new color combinations and by golly it worked! 

~ Lynn

12.03.09 Parts that Make the Whole

It takes so many parts to make a sculpture. An infinite number of sight lines must coalesce into a coherent whole. Individual features must harmoniously compliment each other. Top to bottom.

Feels good when parts come together. Pepé #3 is completed. He’ll need a new home very soon, but for right now I’m enjoying having him here.

Web pages with more photos of him will be uploaded to in the next day or so. A new issue of the e-newsletter will be sent out with sales information. But for right now, I’m just enjoying how the parts became whole.

~ Lynn

11.22.09 Back in the studio

Here’s a newly completed fellow, Pepé (variation #3). Well, nearly completed — he still needs just a touch of additional detailing in china paint. But the underglaze body color is completed and I thought you might be interested in seeing how topping underglaze with a clear glaze changes the tone. Here’s a detail shot of his dappley barrel before glazing…

and after glazing (fired to cone 06).

It really deepens the color! This pretty boy will be up for sale soon after Thanksgiving.

~ Lynn

6.7.09 It’s NAN Auction Time!

The golden days of summer are nearly upon us, so too one of the biggest annual events of the model horse world, the NAN auction and national show!

Proxy bidding for the items in the auction opened yesterday, here’s the scoop from auction coordinator, Barb Ness:

For interested parties who cannot attend the NAN Auction in person, NAMHSA is pleased to offer proxy bidding for the NAN Auction lots. Every year a substantial number of pieces are sold to proxy bidders! Proxy bids will be accepted by the Auction Coordinator beginning on Saturday, June 6, 2009. Proxy bidding will conclude on Saturday, June 20, 2009 at 10PM Eastern (7PM Pacific).

Auction lots and descriptions can be viewed at the 2009 NAN Auction Page:

Should they be the winning buyer, proxy bidders must pay full shipping and insurance costs to have the auction lot/s shipped to them.

To place a proxy bid, please submit the following information to Barb Ness, the 2009 Auction Coordinator at ten.t1568896261sacmo1568896261c@sse1568896261nbrab1568896261 :

– Name of the Artist/Auction Lot you wish to place a bid on
– Amount of your bid in whole US dollars
– Your full name
– Your e-mail address
– Your full snail mail address
– Your telephone number
– Your eBay ID

All starting bid amounts and proxy bid updates will be posted on Model Horse Sales Pages:

Outbid notices will be provided to engaged bidders by the Auction Coordinator throughout the proxy period.

The winning proxy bidder for each auction lot will be represented by NAMHSA’s official proxy bidder at the live NAN Auction on Saturday, June 27th. Auction lots will not be sold for less than the winning proxy bid. Therefore, if a bidder at the live Auction does not match or top the winning proxy bid, the highest proxy bid will be considered the final sale amount.

Payment: For winning proxy bidders, payment in full will be due within 7 days of notification by the Auction Coordinator. Payment methods available for winning proxy bidders will be by PayPal (including credit cards), check or money order.

If you have questions about this or any other information on this page, please contact the Auction Coordinator.

Thank you and happy bidding!

Barb Ness
2009 NAN Auction Coordinator

Kudos and thanks to Barb and all the NAN volunteers for dedicating their time and expertise to put on such a high profile show and fund raising event! Good luck to all collectors hoping to add a lovely auction item to your own collection! ~ Lynn

3.30.09 Lights, Camera, Cedric!!

One of the nicest things about the true-color Ott Lites is that they do not cast harsh shadows. That rather eliminates the need for a diffuser of some sort, like the “quonset hut” I had jury rigged last year. I have shifted to a “sky blue” seamless paper background instead of the warm medium grey I’ve been using for many years. A bit of interest is added to the background by giving it a wash of light from an incandescent bulb — look to the left hand side of the set, the little blue lamp provides that rosey glow in the upper left of Cedric’s photos. All in all, I’m much happier with this simpler set-up!

As you may have gathered, Cedric is finished! We’ll see if we can find him a home this week. He’s headed to Auction Barn just as soon as I re-size some pix and re-familiarize myself with how to list items there. ~ Lynn

4.01.09 Update — Cedric is now available at Auction Barn — no foolin’ !

3.27.09 Cedric’s Sneek Peek

Alrighty then, something much more fun than paperwork — painting! Meet “Cedric” #2/50 of the “Backbeat Thunder” limited edition and the second of my 15 painting projects.

Cedric is about 85% complete. A few more layers, more detailing then he’ll be ready to go to a new home!

Every time I paint a dappled grey — either with acrylics, or in underglazes — I’m reminded that white is not white, black in not black and grey is certainly not just black and white!

“Cedric” should be completed over the weekend, check back for sales information next week! ~ Lynn

3.04.09 "Backbeat Thunder" Update

As winter loosens its grip on Idaho Barry and I are tempted to go outside to start planting our garden… soon, very soon!

In the meantime there is plenty to keep us both busy in the studio.

Barry is steadily building our inventory of the new “Backbeat Thunder” draft horse resins. We’re currently targeting a March 20 release date for the unpainted resins.

I’ve completed the first of the fifteen “Backbeat Thunder” resins that I’m planning to paint and named him “Doyle”.

Yes, fifteen. A bit too ambitious perhaps, but we’ll see! In keeping with the percussive theme, each of the resins I paint will pay tribute to a favorite drummer. Nice strong names: Doyle, Cedric, Burch, Bart, etc. It’s a great excuse to study the liner notes of favorite albums even more closely!

Doyle” will be up for sale very soon. Folks will have a couple of days to view his photos at, then we’ll find him a new home. A strong case can be made for either a lottery or an auction. Frankly, it’s getting late and I hate to make decisions when I’m tired. So we’ll leave that one to a fresh brain in the morning.

In the meantime, think Spring!

~ Lynn