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The Creation of Aeos

For you dear readers and collectors, a glimpse of what went into the creation of the Iberian stallion sculpture, “Aeos”.  It turned out to be a three-year journey!

The general process will look familiar to my sculpture students: first a wire armature that is essentially a scale model of a skeleton; the addition of a flat vertical plane of clay to define the torso; the addition to that of horizontal planes of clay to frame in the pelvis; add clay to round out the torso; the use of various hardness of wax to give sturdy structure to the legs; nifty wire mesh as the substructure for manes and tails.

If you’d like to experience the process yourself, I will be teaching the three-day “Wire to Whinny” workshop this coming September, 2017.  Please visit for more information.

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02.14.2014 Warm Valentine’s Wishes

I went out early this morning to our favorite coffee & pastry shop and brought home Barry’s favorite raspberry oatbar and a steaming cup of coffee for him.  He surprised me with a handmade card and a sampling of my favorite locally-made chocolates.  No big drama, just little gestures that sweeten an otherwise fairly ordinary winter day.

Noticing and appreciating the ordinary.  Because when you think about it, the “ordinary” is actually very extra-ordinary.  The chemistry of personalities that enriches our lives with love.  The serendipity of events that bring us both bitter challenges and sweet resolve.

My most recent sculpture, Winter’s Whimsy, is in many ways a meditation on the ordinary and about finding lightness, even in the heart of cold dark winter.  If it’s snowing where you are today, catch a snowflake on your tongue. It will make you smile.

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If you feel you’d like to add a bit of winter whimsy to you collection, Winter’s Whimsy is available to order until April 15, 2014.  Click for more photos, info and to order.

Sending you the warmest of Valentine’s wishes,

02.05.2014 A Winter’s Whimsy

As I type, dry powdery snow flutters down from the heavens. It’s been doing so since the pre-dawn hours.  By Saturday forecasters say we could have as much as nine inches on the ground.  That’s actually big news for Boise. Framed by mountains to the north and east our valley tends to be a “banana belt” of little snow and relatively mild winter temps.

But this is exactly the kind of day I imagined when I was working on Winter’s Whimsy, my new draft mare sculpture.  Stoic and grounded, Miss Whimsy is coated in a thick fluffy winter coat, so those chilly flakes are simply tongue tickling entertainment.

Whimsy started last winter as a demo during a private tutoring session, and then sat in the closet many long months; mere wire and a few loops of clay giving the outline of the torso, neck and head.  This past autumn I had the opportunity to work as an Artist in Residence in downtown Boise for four weeks.  It was blissful.  I focused on two pieces, Whimsy and a larger jumper. The dedicated time allowed me to get a great deal done in a short amount of time.  Here are some photos!

Barry has created a waste mold of the original and I have been cleaning and fine tuning the resin he poured for me from that first mold.  I will be done with the master resin in the next day or so, then it will go back out to Barry’s workshop for him to create the production mold for Whimsy.  On February 14, you will be able to order your own Winter’s Whimsy!