Coeur Bella

She of a “beautiful heart”, the Iberian mare, Coeur Bella.

Elegance, grace, generosity of spirit.  Elements which attract us to dancers of any species, any time, any form.

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The piece shown is the master model in grey primer.


Considered a large traditional size model, “Coeur Bella” was sculpted at 1:8 scale.  She is hollow cast in white polyurethane resin with sturdy wire reinforced legs.   A myriad of colors and patterns will look superb on this model!

PLEASE NOTE: This initial cast-to-order offering of 20 resins is SOLD OUT. Once the first 20 orders are filled, more resins may occasionally be offered for sale.

Coeur Bella will begin shipping the week of November 4, 2019; we estimate that the initial 20 orders will all be cast by the end of 2019.  Castings are shipped in the sequence in which orders were received.