From the Ground Up

April 20 – 23, 2018 Boise, Idaho.

During this specialized four-day course we will first explore the structure of the equine leg and head through hands-on projects and create take-home reference models that continue to assist students long after the workshop is over.

Then two days will be devoted to the structure of the horse’s head and neck, with exploration of the subtleties of equine expression. Bright and happy, sleepy or alarmed, so much of a horse’s state of mind is to be read in her eyes, ears, nostrils and lips. Students will sculpt a bust in non-hardening clay, theirs to keep, as well as an extensive workbook.

Tuition includes clays and armature supplies.  Students are expected to bring their own tools and required texts. A list of each will be provided to registrants.


Deposit or Full payment