KiAlma & NakaIma

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Resins are sold as unpainted white resin

Tender KiAlma & Wonder-filled NakaIma

The initial order period ended August 31, 2018

Castings will be shipped in the sequence in which orders are received.  Once the initial orders have been filled more KiAlma and NakaIma resins may be available from time to time.

KiAlma is a large “traditional” scale mare, hollow cast in white polyurethane resin with wire reinforcements in her legs. Her foal, NakaIma is solid cast with wire supports.  The castings are shipped unpainted.

The center of his mother’s attention, NakaIma is filled with the potent energy of the yet to be discovered. What will the day bring? Romps through lush pastures, gentle lessons with human friends, encounters with playful dogs, shy kittens or angry geese… a young foal does not worry ahead or ponder regrets. He simply is in the center of now.

Through it all, nurturing KiAlma is ready to gather her foal close to her comforting presence.

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