Peppy Poco ChaCha

Dynamic from every angle, ChaCha exudes a powerful flow of focused energy.    

Stock horse in type, ChaCha is not strictly breed-specific and will look terrific in a full range of colors and patterns. 

~ click on any of the images below to enlarge them and enjoy the detail ~

ChaCha was sculpted to be 15hh at 1/10th scale. Depending on your interpretation, he could be shown as either a small stock horse/pony in “traditional” scale classes, or a taller stock horse in “classic” scale classes.

This resin is hollow cast by BearCast Molding and Casting in white polyurethane resin, shore hardness 70, with wire reinforcements in the legs and tail.

Peppy Poco ChaCha was first made available to collectors in a limited time cast-to-order offering, December 12, 2012 to January 12, 2013.  Additional cutting horse resins are cast from time to time and offered for sale.  Subscribe (link at the right) to the newsletter for updates and collecting opportunities!