Bearing an ancient name for breath, air, wind or spirit, Ruah is the patient playmate of Vata, another horse whose name honors the essence of wind and movement. 


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Ruah is a funny little dude, putting up with Vata’s high energy — mostly. His face is kinda scrunched and squinty on one side, rolling his eyes thinkin’, “here we go again… ok buddy, bring it on!”.  At least that’s my story about him.  To you he may be a cowpony, shifting his weight back to help stop that calf; he could be a wily ol’ school horse evading a little girl’s best attempts to bridle him or… well, any number of stories come to mind with his toss-of-the-head gesture! 

Ruah is not strictly breed-specific, he can sport a full range of colors and patterns. This is a small “traditional” scale piece, sculpted at 1/10th of life size, hollow cast in  white polyurethane resin by BearCast Molding and Casting. The resin has wire reinforcements in its legs.

Ruah was first offered cast-to-order for a limited time, May 15 to August 15, 2012. Additional Ruah resins will be cast from time to time and offered for sale.  Subscribe (link at the right) to the newsletter for updates and collecting opportunities!