Patient and serene, Syringa depicts a sweet and willing equine companion.

Riding horse in type, Syringa is not strictly breed-specific and will be elegant in a full range of colors and patterns. 

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She speaks to a season of ease, to serenity.

As an Idaho spring melts into summer, a glance along her streams and rivers reveals drifts of white — a late season blizzard perhaps? Though tempests may still come, warm weather has arrived and with it the snowy blooming of Idaho’s state flower, the Syringa (Philadelphus lewisii).  Some may know this blossoming shrub as “mock orange”, and (in the often maddening fashion of botanical names) it is not related to lilacs (genus syringa); rather, our rocky mountain Syringa is a member of the hydrangea family.

It is for this cheery little beacon of warmth and light that Syringa, the sculpture, is named.

Syringa was first made available to collectors in a limited time cast-to-order offering during the autumn of 2015.  Additional resins are cast from time to time and offered for sale.  Subscribe (link at the right) to the newsletter for updates and collecting opportunities!