X-ray Vision for Artists: become SuperArtist!

Sunday, November 5, 2017
held in Lynn’s studio, Boise Idaho

You love animals and you have an idea for a painting or sculpture, but your references aren’t exactly what you want.  The position or angle of the animal needs to be changed, but how?  How do we know we’ll get it right and do justice to our subject?

X-ray vision.

Anatomy will be demystified, becoming an important and fun tool in your art-making.

Key principals about how animals are put together will be revealed, allowing you to see the structure beneath the skin of just about any animal.  I’ll share the most important secret with you now — once you’re familiar with basic skeletal structure, you can depict any animal, freed from the reliance on “exact” references while being true to your subject.  You will be able to “translate” a two-dimensional reference into three-dimensional work; and visa versa, you will be able to take your observations of live animals and create two-dimensional work with confidence.

We will use plain English, not tongue twisting medical terms.

Once we’ve gotten our X-ray vision warmed up, we’ll delve deeper by building a 3-d schematic model that can be taken home.

Students will also take home an extensive workbook with an appendix chock full of essential reference material.

Our session together will include:

    • Key universal concepts about animal form, structure and movement
    • Identification of easy-to-see “landmarks” on the surface of an animal
    • Comparative anatomy of animals and humans
    • Why the “worst” photo can be your best reference
    • Hands-on building of a schematic equine model that will remind you at a glance of all these things once you’re back home

Space is limited to five students

$75.00 — enrollment is closed