Cast-to-Order FAQs

Q:  Will you cast an older sculpture for me?
A:   No, I’m sorry we do not cast older work on demand.
Much of my older work is simply no longer available because the molds have worn out and/or a set number of pieces were committed to at the time of release (a limited edition) and that number was cast and sold.
Over the last several years I have been reissuing specific older work at a *smaller* scale.  For example, the draft horse “Backbeat Thunder” which was originally sculpted at 1:10th scale and released as an edition limited to 30 pieces, was brought back at 1:24 scale in celebration of the tenth anniversary of it’s original release.  Other older work, Sadie Shoofly/Lil’ Sadie and the mules Iko and TeeNah, have also been 3-D scanned and re-released in *smaller* forms than the original sculptures.  
Q:  What does the term cast-to-order mean?
A:   Cast-to-order, in general, refers to a situation when a particular resin is in our current production “catalogue", but is not on the shelf and ready for immediate shipment. 
It is a similar to a large manufacturer saying an item is “back ordered”; not available to ship right now, but in the the pipeline. 
Thus, a collector may order a resin that is in the current “catalogue” (but not in stock) with a non-refundable deposit; i.e. "cast-to-order”. Depending on our work flow here it may take a few weeks to fulfill an order, or just a few days.  I give the collector an estimated ready-to-ship date, and the balance of payment is due only when the item is actually on the shelf and ready to ship.