Lynn A. Fraley, AAEA

Nationally recognized sculptor Lynn Fraley 
creates dynamic, realistic sculptures
of all types of horses. The equine
sculpture you see here is created in
Boise, Idaho and collected by horse
lovers the world over.


I love every detail and the expression of the face is masterful...the eyelashes seem so real! Love those butt wrinkles and the twitch of his lip ever so slight and so many other countless details that are standard for your work… I am amazed, like usual, with your sculpting skill. I look forward to the next release!

Cinda Rich, U.S.

I just am amazed at how much attention to detail you put into these sculptures. They are both just so beautiful. Love Whimsy's little tongue and her whirly swirly winter coat. Cat is just magnificent, no more can be said.

Susan Baille, U.S.

I hope you know how much joy your sculptures bring. No matter how the week goes, the day when your sculptures arrive is always a day that ends on a high note. There are few things as wonderful as opening your packages, finding one of your kind handwritten cards and unwrapping the miracles hidden inside.

Carolijn Wils, the Netherlands

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