An affair of the heart — head and hand


Vivid in my imagination from earliest days, Horse, is my visual vernacular.

Every personality that emerges, every gesture, every line of light in shadow, emanates from an inner world.

To give this idea of Horse presence, I consult Nature.

Anatomy, biomechanics and kinesiology.  These are rules, tools really, I use to honor an inner spirit.  Each sculpture is a meditation on a sense of rightness. That each part must be just so in order to fulfill the potential of the entire.

The work you see as you explore this site is first created in non-hardening wax-based sculpting clay, then reproduced in resin, ceramic and bronze limited editions.   Questions are always welcome.

I’m delighted to introduce a smaller version of a very popular mare, meet “Lil’ Sadie” in 1:24 scale

Check out what else is currently available for sale too.

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~ Lynn A. Fraley, A.A.E.A.

Now through Oct. 31, 2019, Lynn’s work can be seen at Friesen Galleries in Nampa, Idaho, in her solo exhibit “Reality Check”.